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100 godini port varna

Liquid Chemicals

The first independent terminal for liquid chemicals in the Black Sea region was built in 2001 by the joint venture Oiltanking Bulgaria AD.  The terminal is located on the territory of port of Varna West next to Berth No.2 and operates in strict compliance with all environmental regulations..  It is equipped with a modern rail unloading station, ship loading facility and 3 tanks for storage of sulphuric acid, liquid fertilizers and other dangerous goods.

Quay length: 200 m
Max depth: 10.10 m
Railways: 2
Rail unloading station, capacity: 2000 tons per day
Ship loading facility, capacity: 600 tons per hour
Tanks: 3 with total capacity 18,000 m3 


Soda (light or heavy) in bulk, bags or big bags forms a considerable share of cargo traffic at port of Varna West.  Berths No.7 and No.8 are dedicated for handling of this type of cargo.  These berths are linked to the soda factory by a conveyor belt with length 1.5 km to load the bulk soda directly into the ship moored at Berth No.7.  There are 2 shiploaders at the quayside which are connected with the belt conveyor and operate with capacity of 400 tons per hour each.  The specialized handling technology allows to concentrate the cargo in a dedicated warehouse when there is no ship for loading at the berth.  Thus the ship can be loaded with the product flowing from the factory, as well as from the concentrated stock in the warehouse.

Berths: 2
Quay length: 363 m
Max depth: 10.30 m
Shiploaders: 2 
Cranes: 1 


Most of the cement is exported in bulk via Berth No.10 at Varna West.  Shipment and loading are carried out by specialized cement-carrying trucks which are discharged directly into the ship’s hold.  The capacity of each cement truck is 35 tons.

Berths: 2
Quay length: 375 m
Max depth: 10.50 m
Cranes: 2 units (10T)