Welcome to the exhibition opening on 4 August 2014, at 7 p.m., the ground floor lobby of Varna State Opera House 

Treasuring up the emotions of the major and prestigious marine events hosted by Port of Varna EAD – Historical Seas Tall Ships Regatta 2010 and SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2014.

Authors of photographs in the final selection of exhibition and catalogue:
Albena Markova, Alexander Lazarov, Veselin Vasilev, Victor Vasilev, Gabriela Sganatova, Georgy Dimitrov, Daniela Kurteva, Denitsa Nenova, Dimitar Novkov, Emilian Parvanov, Ivan Tarlev, Ivelin Kotsev, Ivelin Rusev, Kliment Velinov, Kremena Dimitrova, Lazar Lazarov, Lyubomir Benkovski, Maria Tomova, Martin Kostadinov, Mihail Dechev, Pavel Gospodinov, Plamen Stefanov, Redgeb Shabanov, Svetla Georgieva, Simeon Kolev, Stefka Pantova, Zlatina Maximova.

The exhibition is open for visitors throughout the Week of the Sea,  4 –15 August 2014.

Catalogue is available at:


Tall Ships Regatta Exhibition arranged by Port of Varna EAD. 



Tall Ships Regatta 

“Tall Ships Regatta” photo contest was announced by Port of Varna EAD on the occasion of the Port’s 108th anniversary and the Europe’s Day of the Sea in 2014, attracting both amateurs and professional photographers of Varna and the country to share their visions of this fascinating experience.  

The contest took place between 18 May and 18 June 2014 and was supported by “PhotoPlace” Ltd.  The photos were appraised by a Jury with members: Mrs. Ruzha Damyanova (Port of Varna EAD), Mr. Plamen Mihailov (Photoplace), Mr. Yulian Nedev (Protey Studio), Mr. Ivaylo Sakelariev and Mrs. Nadezhda Shipkova (AFIAP).  The Jury selected 36 photographs by 27 authors for inclusion in the exhibition and catalogue.  

All exhibitors will be given a diploma and a copy of the catalogue at the opening ceremony.

The awards of Port of Varna EAD take form of vouchers for purchasing of photographic equipment to the value respectively of: First Award – voucher for 1500 Levs, Second Award – voucher for 800 Levs, Third Award – voucher for 500 Levs, Audience’s Award – voucher for 200 Levs.

The Audience’s Award will be given to the photograph which has received the majority of votes throughout the contest period from 18 May to 18 June 2014, providing that voting is not in conflict with the Item 3 of the Contest Rules (“Photos which have been published for voting in other media – social network games, applications, etc. shall not be allowed at this contest”). 

The Tall Ships Regatta Contest and Exhibition continues the tradition of Port of Varna to support and promote the art of photography.


18 May – 18 June 2014  

Acknowledgments to all contestants!

The award giving which was appointed for today is unfortunately postponed by the Jury’s decision in token of sympathy for the city’s mourning of the flood victims.

The awarding of photographs will take place at the opening night of the Tall Ships Regatta Exhibition during the Week of the Sea.

We take this opportunity to offer our condolences to the families of the victims.  The Port’s staff makes every effort to cooperate using the Port’s equipment and volunteers in order to provide any assistance to the residents of the suburbs affected by the flooding.

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