From 01.02.2023, the "Operational information" of "Port Varna" EAD is available to anyone who wants to get acquainted with it. For this purpose, there are several ways to access it on the company's official page:

1. On the upper right corner of the Home Screen of the page - 

2. In a section previewed on​ Home Screen of the page - 

3. В раздел "Clients"- Подраздел "Operational information"  - 

You can get more information from the "Marketing" department – phone: 052/ 692521 and email: marketing@port





"Port of Varna" EAD announces an invitation to participate in Trade Order No. T-16-22 - Delivery and servicing of 2 specialized container processing machines Port of Varna - West.


If you are interested and need more information, please visit the following link:




The Board of Directors of "Port of Varna" EAD approved the new Terms and prices of the services provided by "Port Varna" EAD, which enters into force on 01.01.2023.

The full version will be visible on, in section "For Customers" on 10.12.2022. You can get preliminary information from the "Marketing" department – phone: 052/ 692521 and email: marketing@port





Two new Large Tonnage Wheel Loaders of Port Varna EAD set foot on the work sites




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