Students interships



Port of Varna takes part in the “Students’ Internships” project, BG051PO001-3.3.07-0002 of the Ministry of Education and Science funded under the “Human Resources Development” OP, co-financed by the European Social Fund.  The project is aiming at improving the quality of vocational education and training and facilitating the access to practical training of the system of vocational education and training on national level by means of:

Contributing to improving the quality of education by providing of opportunities for university students to gain practical experience and to improve their practical skills in correspondence with the labour market demands;

Facilitating the transition from the educational institutions to employment and more successful realization of the young people on the labour market;

Supporting and promoting the establishing of strong partnerships between the educational institutions and the business;

Offering more incentives for the students to be involved in additional practical training in a real working environment;

Increasing the number of students who find employment immediately after graduation;

Providing of opportunities to update curricula in general and training disciplines, courses and subjects in particular, according to the labour market needs;

Promoting elaboration of sustainable mechanisms and opportunities for employers to select certain students who have proved their skills in a real working environment for immediate inclusion in the labour market.