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There are some specific conditions for approaching port of Varna West.  The port is located at the west end of Varna water basin comprising the lakes of Varna and Beloslav together with the linking canals.  Ships can navigate these canals (No. 1 and No. 2) in one direction only with limited speed.  Ships can pass each other in Varna Lake where anchorage for waiting is available.  Also, these is a limitation on the air draught of vessels, because Canal No. 1 goes under Asparuhov Bridge.  Charges for navigation in canals are collected by the State Company Port Infrastructure.

Main features:
Length of fairway (up to Varna West): 14 nautical miles
Transit time: 1.5 hours
Max speed: 6 knots
Max air draught: 41.5 m

Canal No. 1
Length: 2 nautical miles
Max draught: 11.5 m

Canal No. 2
Length: 5 nautical miles
Max draught: 10.5 m


Port of Varna provides easy and convenient access to the national road network.  It takes only a minute to get from Varna East to Asparuhov Bridge which is part of Road E-87 connecting Varna with Burgas and proceeding to the border with Turkey.

The lakeside road can be used by the trucks to move quickly (10 minutes) from Varna East to other important trunk

roads: the “Hemus” highway (Varna-Sofia) and Road E-70 (Varna-Russe).


Distances by road from Varna to some destinations in Bulgaria:

Sofia 470 km
Burgas 132 km
Russe 200 km
Plovdiv  398 km
Vidin 532 km








.... and in Europe.

Belgrade 855 km
Budapest 1245 km
Vienna 1490 km
Istanbul 515 km






All berths of Port of Varna EAD have access to Bulgaria’s rail network.  This fact provides excellent opportunities to develop combined transport modes.  Apart from Port of Varna, there is another major partner in the transport chain: the National Company “BDZ” (Bulgarian Railways). The company offers:

- transport service to all types of cargo (incl. conventional, liquid, dangerous)
- container service (company’s own terminals in Russe and Sofia)
- combined transportat of RO-LA type
- transportation of perishables and INTERFRIGO goods
- specialized block-trains and transportation of intermodal cargo units (UTI service).

Distances by rail from Varna to some destinations in Bulgaria...

Sofia 520 km
Russe 219 km
Kulata 751 km
Plovdiv 390 km
Stara Zagora 289 km
Vratsa 458 km
Gorna Oriahovitsa       232 km











.... and in Europe

Belgrade 945 km
Budapest 1287 km
Vienna 1575 km
Skopje 897 km






Varna Airport is the second largest international airport of Bulgaria situated at 10 km away from the city center.  It is a point of intersection for over 96 destinations and it serves mostly the tourist traffic to Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.  

The airport has a reliable and convenient runway where the world’s largest and most modern aircraft have landed – the freight airplane AN 124 (Ruslan) and the giant Boeing 747.